IMSciences has helped innovations from small and medium tech companies make their way into the marketplace through a variety of mechanisms, including product incubation, technology transfer, asset sale and licensing, etc.

We are able to leverage our deep relationships and ongoing collaborations with the Silicon Valley community including researchers,  inventors, bankers and VCs to help innovation thrive.

At IMSciences we understand that the value placed on innovation varies greatly, depending on who can exploit its benefits. We help unlock value in underlying innovation by placing it in the right hands.

How We Work

a behind the scenes look at what excites us

Investment & Incubation

We love to incubate ideas that highlight and showcase potential opportunities for a diverse range of technology. Our past experience is as diverse as biotech and semiconductors.


Business Advisory

We help small and medium businesses figure out their core competency, and work with them to define business goals and chart out a strategy for them. 


Technology Transfer

We work with universities and corporations to assess their technology, innovations, assets and products and effect technology transfer to the best adoption agency. 



We have partnered with inventors and companies alike to codevelop products and create value from underutilized assets .


Our Recent Portfolio

IMSciences has worked with a portfolio of technologies to drive innovation. Here is a sample. 

Logistics and Operational Efficiency

IMS invested in a technology catering to optimizing fill rates for chain restaurants, targeting and incentivizing patrons to through customized deals and coupons. IMS pivoted around the technology and helped create a platform for online deals and incentives that help businesses better manage their inventory by incentivizing their customers and marketing the products at an appropriate time.

Network Routers

IMSciences partnered with a public company in an effort to identify and divest their non-critical assets related to network routers and traffic management. These assets were bought by a private equity group to bolster their portfolio of technologies.

Social Media for Enterprise

Working on a technology designed for user management, IMSciences realized that it could spawn a new application in management of business profiles on social media. IMSciences created to a new market opportunity and the technology was acquired by a leading social network company.

Mapping and Geolocation

IMS acquired a promising technology integrating geolocation and mapping services from the Brigham Young University and repositioned it to online search services that subsequently was integrated into the mapping APIs of more than 25 companies.

Cloud Computing

IMSciences incubated technology for resource allocation and job scheduling in cloud computing infrastructure was  acquired by a global leader in cloud-based sales and marketing solutions.


IMSciences acquired a promising biotech portfolio and turned it around to incubate APS and develop pre-clinical drugs for oral and GI mucositis, debilitating side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. APS was acquired by IndUS pharma which was subsequently acquired by Pivot Pharmaceuticals.

Encryption and Security

Over a period of 3 years, IMSciences  worked with a large number of banks and clearing houses for the adoption of a seminal technology addressing credit card payments over the internet. The buy in from financial stakeholders was critical to the adoption of mobile payments on cell phones.

Video Technology

As video technology heats up, IMSciences is investing in a full feature time lapse video application and device that allows users to record and create high quality time-lapse and hyperlapse clips effortlessly without compromising on the granularity of the motion.

Power Management

IMSciences worked on a battery charging technology, that originated with the University of Illinois, and as part of a technology transfer deal, licensed it to leading cell phone handset manufacturers.