If you are a developer, an entrepreneur with a fantastic new idea, we want to hear from you.

We take a good look at every business plan we get and attempt to evaluate every proposal quickly. In the first stage we do a preliminary review and if we believe your technology could meet our needs, will reach out to you and talk to you more about it. If we determine that your technology meets our criteria and needs, we will offer a term sheet for investment.

Regarding NDAs: Please note that due to the large volume of deals that we look at we do not sign nondisclosure or confidentiality agreements in connection with submissions of proposals. You should only include information which you deem to be non-confidential. By submitting information to IMS, you agree to the foregoing terms, and our terms of use. In appropriate circumstances, we will sign a reasonable non-disclosure agreement when we reach a point of mutual interest in moving forward.

Submit Your Business Plan Here

FAQs regarding Submission of Business Plans

How do I submit my business plan?

You can submit your business plan by clicking the above link, filling out the questionnaire and sharing a Google Drive or Dropbox link with IMS and share it with us using the email info@imsciences.com

How will IMS contact me after I have submitted? 

Please make sure to provide accurate contact information when making your submission. We will reach out to you via email or telephone to set up a conversation if there is an interest.

How does the process move forward once I have submitted my materials? 

Once we have received your complete proposal, we will assess it for fit with our technology focus areas and priorities at the time. If we determine that there is an appropriate fit, we will then proceed with a more detailed analysis to determine if it is appropriate for us to learn more about you and your vision.

Should I submit confidential information?  Will IMS sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)? 

We do not sign nondisclosure or confidentiality agreements in connection with submissions.

You should only include non-confidential information in your proposal.  If you do submit information marked “confidential”, “proprietary”, “classified” or the like, it will be treated as non-confidential notwithstanding the marking(s) and your submission will be deemed to be your consent that it be treated as non-confidential. Before you submit any information to IMS, you must agree to our terms of use, which includes, among other things, the foregoing, as well as IQT’s right to copy and disseminate any or all of your proposal documents to the IC and other agencies. We may however sign a reasonable NDA if and when we reach a point of mutual interest.

Can I schedule a demonstration with IMS before submitting? 

Please let us know if you have a working demo/prototype. If after our initial assessment of your proposal documents, we determine your technology meets our focus, we may request a demo.

Will IMS share my submissions with others? 

While we do not voluntarily share any information provided by you, we may use it for our own internal analysis and state it with our subject matter experts who we rely on for our diligence. As noted above, we ask that you only submit information that you are comfortable having shared with publicly.

If I or my company has submitted before, can we submit again to IMS?

If you feel that your company’s technology has developed into a different stage since your previous proposal, we encourage you to submit again. We are always willing to review submissions that have are aligned with our investment focus.